Alexis Kaltreider

Alexis Kaltreider is a certified Clifton Strengths Coach from Gallup and has a passion for coaching emerging leaders, young adults, couples and families.  She also serves as the Vice President of Global Resource Management & Organizational Development for TEOCO Corporation.  TEOCO has over 1,400 resources globally, giving her in depth experience in working with many cultures and personalities.

She supports and aligns employees with business needs, by optimizing their talents and skill sets to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency to support business goals. This involves her having an overall understanding of the business in terms of products and services and current client commitments along with a thorough understanding of resource needs.

Alexis strongly believes that every human being has an inner genius.  She enjoys helping others discover theirs through the use of Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Assessment along with providing strengths based coaching.  She is truly gifted at helping individuals discover their natural strengths and then helping them understand how they can leverage them for greater personal, professional and organizational success.

She feels privileged to have an organization that supports the growth of others and has been coaching both inside her organization as well as in her community, in addition to serving in her role as Vice President.  The results of coaching she has experienced include increased engagement, morale and productivity.

Outside of TEOCO, Alexis spends time coaching in her community.  This includes coaching young adults, couples and families.  She has helped many young adults find their direction as well as couples and families strengthen communications and relationships.  She and her family also devote much of their free time to support their church.  Alexis lives with her husband and two children in Haymarket. She can be reached at


Alexis is a Certified Clifton Strengths Coach from Gallup, and also is a Certified SOAR Facilitator.  Alexis is a graduate from George Mason University and has a Bachelor’s degree in Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems.