Leadership Development Programs


All of our programs and workshops can be customized to the needs of our clients.

Leadership Fundamentals

(1/2 Day)
This highly interactive workshop is designed to introduce leaders and their teams to an entirely new way of understanding what leadership is, what leaders actually do, and the actual drivers of relationships, teamwork, engagement and results.

By changing this way of understanding – this “paradigm” – entirely new avenues for seeing greater possibilities and effective action open up. Participants are able to see themselves, their teams, and their organizations with new eyes. With new eyes comes new ways of intervening and achieving extraordinary results that were literally invisible before.

Key topics include:

  • What leadership is
  • What effective leaders do differently
  • 3 types of key leadership conversations
  • How to initiate and have difficult conversations

This highly interactive workshop contains large and small group activities, giving you opportunities to learn with, from, and through each other. In addition, it provides you with practical take-away’s and how-to’s that will enable you to lead more effectively.

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Leading for Results

(2 Days or 4 1/2 Days)
Success as a leader depends less on what you can accomplish on your own and more on what results you can produce by working with and through others.

Many of us learn functional and technical skills. What we don’t sufficiently learn is how build strong relationships, how to connect at deeper levels, and how to initiate and have effective and difficult conversations that make teams thrive.

For many of us, unfortunately, we gain these skills the hard way, through our experiences. Yet the ability to initiate and build such strong relationships and have effective and difficult conversations is important for they provide the foundation upon which extraordinary results are achieved.

In this program, you will learn to improve communication, relationships and teamwork, build a culture of trust and accountability, to delegate effectively, and to have difficult conversations and give effective feedback.

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

(1/2 Day and 1 Day Versions)
Today’s fast-paced, team-based and global work environments call for strong and effective business relationships. Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies are at the heart of effective workplace relationships and teamwork, accountability, and productivity. They provide an integrated set of skills that support highly effective, fast-reacting and innovative organizations.

In this workshop, you will learn key elements of EI along with practical ways to develop and strengthen your EI so that you and your teams are able to work better together, be more productive, and produce better results.

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Leading with Strengths

(1/2 Day and 1 Day Versions)

Leaders gain more when they build on their strengths, and the strengths of their people, than when they make comparable efforts to improve on areas of weaknesses. This Strengths perspective assumes that you already have what you need to succeed in regards to technical and functional knowledge and skills. Your job then becomes to recognize and understand those strengths, nurture them, and build on them.

We believe that successful leadership and teamwork begins with the willingness to first lead yourself as a leader. To lead effectively, you must first discover your own unique set of strengths and values, and make a commitment to invest in growing and developing both of these. This enables you to more readily and effectively capitalize on strengths, in order to best serve yourself, your teams and the organization.

According to the Gallup organization, creators of StrengthsFinder 2.0, “learning and emerging as a leader is a process that takes knowledge, skills, and practice, and it requires you to be intentional in how you use your talents.” Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment, which we work with in this program provides you with the opportunity to increase your self-awareness, deepen knowledge and appreciation of your own and your team members strengths, which ultimately maximizes teamwork and the creation and delivery of extraordinary results.

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Creating a Culture of Trust and Accountability

(1/2 Day and 1 Day Versions)
Trust is the foundation for all important relationships and effective collaboration.  Collaborative execution is at the heart of how organizations of all types actually achieve their most important results.  The specific conversations conducted between people as they work together are at the heart of how effectively all organizations function.

This workshop will provide you with a powerful new framework and new set of tools for building trust, for dramatically improving the quality of interactions, as well as the levels of productivity and accountability within your teams and your organization.

Focusing on requests, offers and commitments, you will learn how to build trust, how to successfully delegate, how to enter into clear commitments, and how to respond most effectively in situations where commitments are not kept or not managed well.

These tools for creating a culture of trust and accountability are focused on the “nuts and bolts” of execution, and are essential for leaders, managers and team members at all levels.

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Creating a Culture of Innovation

(1/2 Day and 1 Day Versions)
“None of us is as smart as all of us.” In today’s ever-changing world, the ability of leaders and managers at all levels to harness the collective intelligence, experiences and insights of people from a wide variety of backgrounds is critical.

This interactive workshop provides you with a framework and tools that provide a new way of understanding the 3 key aspects that contribute to having each of us “see things” in the unique ways that we do.

You will work in small groups as we distinguish listening from hearing, as well as important “background conversations” that influence your perspectives, interpretations – and ultimately, the ways you relate and interact with others. Strengthening self-awareness is seen as the starting point for any meaningful change or improvement in these areas.

The workshop also provides an intuitively simple, yet extremely powerful, model for understanding the ways in which we move from perceiving and interpreting to taking real-world actions that yield real-world results – including the unprecedented, never-before-achieved results we call breakthroughs.

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Cultivating a Growth Mindset

(1/2 Day)
We live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.  In times of increasing complexity and rapid change, organizations of all sizes and shapes have come to the same conclusion: having a growth mindset and continuous learning is absolutely crucial.  Increasingly, in order to be successful, leaders and managers must be able to establish what’s come to be known as a growth mindset – for themselves, as well as in the teams and employees they work with.

This interactive workshop provides a powerful framework and set of practical tools that strengthen participants’ openness to learning, deepen their understanding of key prerequisites for learning, and improve their ability to navigate through common “barriers” to learning that often appear in organizations.

In this workshop you will discuss real-world situations in which you were able to successfully learn, and key factors that influenced your success.  The role of emotional intelligence is highlighted, as is the way our bodies and our willingness to practice impact what we are able to learn – and ultimately, what we are able to be and achieve as individuals and as organizations.

Contact us to discuss how we can support you and your team in cultivating and strengthening a learning mindset, necessary for achieving your most important results.

Creating Your Desired Future

(3 Days or 6 1/2 Days)
Each one of us, in every area of our life – personally and organizationally – has a current ‘likely’ default future. This is a future that is highly certain, and probable if you take no new actions. Is your ‘likely’ default future acceptable to you? If not, how do you go about identifying and creating a future of your choice?

In this highly interactive and experiential program you will learn to break from the drift, identify and clarify your desired future and learn how to bring that future to life. You will gain timeless principles that you will be able to apply immediately, as well as continue to apply long after the program is over, to create the future you want.

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